The Daily News | September 16

Last episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” aired, 1968
Malaysia created, 1963
Richard Ramirez, “The Night Stalker,” convicted, 1989
Marc Bolan, singer, died, 1977
American Legion incorporated by an act of US Congress, 1919
Palestinian Massacre (Beirut), 1982
Tomas de Torquemada, Inquisitor-General of Spain, died, 1498
Great Seal of the US first used, 1782
Amnesty offered to Vietnam draft dodgers by Gerald Ford, 1974
Mayflower departed Plymouth, England, 1620
General Motors founded (William Crapo “Billy” Durant), 1908
John Jeffries, first US weatherman, died, 1819
Vincent Youmans’ “No, No, Nanette” opened on Broadway, 1925
Maria Callas, American opera singer, died, 1977
Jim Bottomly (Saint Louis) went 6 for 6 with a record 12 RBI, 1924
Woodrow Wilson suffered a paralytic stroke, 1919
Village of Shawmut, Massachusetts, became the city of Boston, 1630
First US-made Steinweg (now Steinway) sold, 1853
First black Miss America crowned (Vanessa Williams - New York), 1983
Conjunction of all planets in Libra (sunrise), 1186
Anne Bradstreet, first woman poet of the American colonies, died, 1672
US Selective Service and Training Act introduced, 1940
Mike Schmidt hit his first major league home run (vs. Moore - Expos), 1972
Clark University instituted a course in Esperanto, 1908
Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, Prussian physicist (introduced the mercury thermometer), died, 1736
Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma opened to homesteading, 1893