The Daily News | September 15

El Salvador gained independence from Spain, 1821
Battle of Britain, 1940
Association for Computing Machinery founded, 1947
Battle of Marathon, -490
New York Mets lost a record 117th game in one season, 1962
Ariane-3 (ESA) launched, 1987
First female US minister ordained (Antoinette Brown), 1853
Soyuz 22 (USSR) launched, 1976
Alou brothers play all three outfields at the same time, 1963
Manhattan recaptured by British, 1776
First national convention for blacks held (Philadelphia), 1830
TV debut of “The Lone Ranger”, 1949
Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev began his tour of the US, 1959
“USA Today” first hit newsstands, 1982
Dodgers became the first baseball club to draw 3 million fans, 1978
US Foreign Affairs Department created, 1789
Abraham Clark, signer of US Declaration of Independence, died, 1794
Hurricane in Charleston, South Carolina, 1752
Congress declared Great Seal of the US the official seal of US, 1789
Honduras gained independence from Spain, 1821
Thomas Wolfe, American novelist (“Look Homeward, Angel”), died, 1938
Guatemala gained independence from Spain, 1821
Muhammad Ali became heavyweight champion (third time) (beat Spinks), 1978
Nicaragua gained independence from Spain, 1821
Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia captured (General Stonewall Jackson), 1862
Costa Rica gained independence from Spain, 1821