The Daily News | September 14

Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Patricia Kelly) died, 1982
Salem, Massachusetts founded, 1629
Bashir Gemayel, president-elect of Lebanon, assassinated, 1982
“Great Atlantic Hurricane”, 1944
Janet Gaynor, winner of the first best actress Oscar died, 1984
First successful helicopter flight, 1939
Bo Jackson hit his first major league home run (475 feet), 1986
“Star Spangled Banner” written, 1814
John Gardner, American novelist (“Nickel Mountain”), died, 1982
Little Rock, Arkansas, school crisis, 1957
John Penn, signer of the US Declaration of Independence, died, 1788
Aaron Burr, third US vice president, died, 1836
US Selective Service Act established the first peacetime draft, 1940
William McKinley, 25th US president, died, 1901
First US-born saint canonized (Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton), 1975
Isadora Duncan, US interpretive dancer, died, 1927
Denny McLain won his 30th major league baseball game of the season, 1968
Typewriter ribbon patented, (George Anderson), 1886
Dante Alighiere, Italian poet and author (“Divine Comedy”), died, 1321
Benjamin Franklin sent to France as US minister, 1778