The Daily News | September 17

President George Washington gave his farewell address, 1796
M*A*S*H premiered, 1972
The Battle of Antietam, “America’s bloodiest day”, 1862
Russia invaded Poland, 1939
First 33-1/3 rpm recording released (Beethoven’s Fifth), 1934
US Constitution signed, 1787
Anatasio Somoza, deposed Nicaraguan president, assassinated, 1980
“Bewitched” premiered, 1964
First public presentation of sound on film (Berlin, Germany), 1922
Pegasus I (US) broke up and fell to earth, 1978
Tobias Smollett, British novelist (“Humphrey Clinker”), died, 1771
John Parker, captain of the minutemen, died, 1775
First airplane fatality (Thomas E. Selfridge, Fort Myer, Virginia), 1908
Pedro Menendez de Aviles, Spanish explorer, died, 1574