The Daily News | September 11

First honorary Yale medical degree received (D. Turner), 1723
Military coup in Chile, 1973
Quaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, died, 1948
Battle of Lake Champlain, 1814
Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb’s all time hitting record (4,192), 1985
Battle of Brandywine (Pennsylvania), 1777
Frederick Law Olmsted appointed superintendent of New York Central Park, 1857
Jenny Lind, Swedish soprano, debuted in US, 1850
Robert William Service, Canadian poet (“The Shooting of Dan McGrew”), died, 1958
New York Yankees drew 11 walks (third inning), 1949
All of US President John Tyler’s cabinet resigned except Secretary of State Daniel Webster, 1841
DOW Jones Industrial Avg. plunged 86.61 points, 1986