The Daily News | September 12

Last episode of “Leave It to Beaver” aired, 1963
Yaz’s 3000th hit, 1979
Princess Grace of Monaco was in an auto accident, 1982
Raymond Burr, actor, died, 1993
Jacqueline Bouvier married John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1953
Germany annexed Sudentenland, 1938
Little Rock High School in Arkansas ordered to admit blacks, 1958
Anthony Perkins, actor, died, 1992
Luna 2 (USSR), first spacecraft to land on the moon, launched, 1959
Battle of North Point (Maryland), 1814
First US policewoman (A.S. Wells, Los Angeles Police Department), 1913
Heavy bombing of Vietnam resumed, 1969
Jean Phillippe Rameau, French composer and musical theorist, died, 1764
Hudson River discovered (Henry Hudson), 1609
Peter Mark Roget, English physician and author of the thesaurus, died, 1869
First episode of “The Monkees” aired, 1966
Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, English poets, secretly married, 1846
Haile Selassie, Ethiopian Emperor, deposed, 1974
Luna 16 (USSR), first unmanned spacecraft to go to moon and back, launched, 1970
Charles Leroux made his last parachute jump, 1889
Saint Louis Cards and New York Mets played a seven hour night baseball game, 1974
German paratroopers kidnapped Benito Mussolini, 1943