The Daily News | May 5

Chinese labor immigration act approved by US Senate, 1881
Battle of Puebla, 1862
John T. Scopes arrested for teaching Darwin’s theory, 1925
Francis Bret(t) Harte, author, died, 1902
Major League baseball’s first perfect game (Cy Young), 1904
Netherlands liberated from Nazi Germany, 1945
Last performance at Casino Burlesque Theater (Hanover St, Boston), 1962
Napoleon Bonaparte, French Emperor, died, 1821
First solo female flight from England to Australia began (Amy Johnson), 1930
“Damn Yankees” premiered on Broadway, 1955
Mercury 3 (a.k.a Freedom 7) (US), first US manned spaceflight, launched, 1961
Battle of the Wilderness began (US Civil War), 1864
Only WWII fatalities on US mainland (bomb dropped from Japanese balloon), 1945
First recorded US train robbery (North Bend, Ohio), 1865
Second oldest learned society in US (American Academy of Arts and Sciences) founded (Boston), 1780
Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were arrested, 1920