The Daily News | May 4

Oliver North convicted in the Iran-Contra affair, 1989
Atlantis (US) launched, 1989
Josip Broz (a.k.a. Marshal Tito), Yugoslavian leader, died, 1980
Battle of Coral Sea began, 1942
Students protested imperialist aggression in China (Beijing), 1919
Columbus discovered Jamaica, 1494
William Holmes McGuffey, author (“McGuffey Readers”), died, 1873
Rhode Island declared its independence, 1776
Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty fell over Reichenbach Falls, 1891
William Rose Benet, US poet and critic, died, 1950
US House of Representatives passed the Wade-Davis Reconstruction bill, 1864
“The Mystery of Marie Roget” was released, 1942
Two Norwegians successfully skied to the North pole (without being resupplied), 1990
Four demonstrating Kent State students killed, 1970
“The Barkleys of Broadway,” starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, released, 1949
Magellan spacecraft (US), mapped Venus, launched, 1989