The Daily News | May 3

Anti-war protest disrupted business in Washington, 1971
Battle of Coral Sea began, 1942
L. Patrick Gray named acting director of the US FBI, 1972
Delta 3914 Rocket (US) Failure, 1986
US and North Vietnam agreed to open peace talks in Paris, 1968
Lord Byron swam the Hellespont, 1810
Maryland banned commercial production of tobacco for one year, 1666
War crimes trial (Japan) began, 1946
Bruce Cabot (Jacques Etienne Pellissier de Bujac), actor, died, 1972
US airplane passenger service began, 1919
Frank Loesser’s “The Most Happy Fella” opened on Broadway, 1956
Legal charter for Connecticut secured, 1662
The Times of London switched from an all-ads front page to news, 1966
Caryl Chessman executed at San Quentin, 1960
First black lawyer admitted to bar passed exams (Macon B. Allen), 1845
National Public Radio began programming, 1971
John B. Connally, former Texas governor, joined the Republican Party, 1973
New Zealand proclaimed a British colony, 1841
Locking of church doors during service required by law (Massachusetts), 1675
Jerzy Kosinski, author, committed suicide, 1991
First colonial law regulating practice of medicine enacted (Massachusetts), 1649
First medical school in America organized, 1765
First female prime minister of a major European nation elected (Margaret Thatcher), 1979
First commercial jet plane went into service, 1952
Fourth pitcher in history to win 100 or more games in each league (Ferguson Jenkins), 1980
Confederate forces evacuated Yorktown, Virginia, 1862