The Daily News | May 6

American Bible Association formed (New York), 1816
Sack of Rome, 1527
Louise Homer, American operatic singer, died, 1947
EDSAC demonstrated, 1949
Babe Ruth hit his first major league home run, 1915
Marlene Dietrich, actress, died, 1992
Lyman Frank Baum, author (“Wizard of Oz”), died, 1919
George V became English Sovereign, 1910
The Works Progress Administration (WPA) established, 1935
Battle of Chancellorsville (Virginia), 1863
Josef Stalin became leader of the Soviet government, 1941
Hindenberg Zeppelin exploded and burned, 1937
Henry David Thoreau, US author and philosopher, died, 1862
Four minute mile broken (Oxford, England), 1954
Last no-hitter pitched against Boston Braves (Cliff Chambers), 1951
UNIX became a registered trademark of AT&T, 1986