The Daily News | April 9

“The Big Clock” released by Paramount Pictures, 1948
Battle of Nafels, 1388
John Howard Payne, American author and actor, died, 1852
ENIAC project began, 1943
Patrick Manson, “father of tropical medicine,” died, 1922
Soyuz 35 (USSR) launched, 1980
Eben Sumner Draper, former Massachusetts Governor, died, 1914
Last Red Car ran in Los Angeles, 1961
Winston Churchill made an honorary US citizen (first ever), 1963
Edward V became English Sovereign, 1483
Sir Francis Bacon, English philosopher and statesman, died, 1626
Germany invaded Norway and Denmark, 1940
Mouth of Mississippi claimed for Louis XIV (Robert Cavalier), 1682
Record-breaking floods in Louisiana, 1983
Marian Anderson performed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, 1939
Frank Lloyd Wright, US architect, died, 1959
Red Sox defeated Harvard (2-0) in an open house exhibition game, 1912
Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, New York) opened, 1913
Houston Astrodome opened (first baseball game ever played indoors), 1965
Lee surrendered to Grant ending Civil War, 1865
US and Russia agreed on the size of nuclear tests for peaceful use, 1976
First seven US astronauts selected by NASA, 1959
The US government declared the crisis was over at Three Mile Island, 1979
Soviet troops spray demonstrators with poison gas, 1989
Robert Jenkins’s ear cut off (led to the “War of Jenkins’s Ear”), 1731
Jacques Necker, French banker and statesman, died, 1804