The Daily News | April 8

Hank Aaron set home run record (715 - off Dodger, Al Downing), 1974
Italy invaded Albania, 1938
Io, one of Jupiter’s moons, found to be geologically active, 1979
Scott began march into Mexico, 1847
Claude William Dukenfield (W.C. Fields) married Harriet Hughes, 1900
Ryan White, AIDS victim, died, 1990
17th Amendment to US Constitution (popular Senate elections) ratified, 1913
Omar Nelson Bradley, US General, died, 1981
Ponce de Leon landed in Florida to search for the “Fountain of Youth”, 1513
Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Spanish artist, died, 1973
Kathy Fiscus (3 - San Marino, California) fell into a well (found dead 2 days later), 1949
Duel between Henry Clay and John Randolph, 1826
Harry Truman ordered government seizure of the US steel industry to avoid a general strike, 1952
Austrio-Hungary severed diplomatic relations with US, 1917
First player ever to hit a home run from both sides of the plate in the same inning (Carlos Baerga), 1993
First major 3D movie released (“Man in the Dark”), 1953
Longest game in professional baseball history (8 hours, 25 minutes - 25 innings, Pawtucket Red Sox vs. Rochester Red Wings), 1981
Anthony Panizzi, only librarian hanged in effigy, died, 1879