The Daily News | April 7

Union forces defeated the Confederates at Shiloh, Tennessee, 1862
Italy invaded Albania, 1939
First successful demonstration of TV (Washington DC to New York), 1927
IBM announced System/360, 1964
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific” opened on Broadway, 1949
Comet Kohoutek discovered, 1973
Major League Baseball’s first official save earned (Bill Singer), 1969
Henry Ford, auto pioneer, died, 1947
US Naval Reserve #3, “Teapot Dome,” leased to Harry F. Sinclair, 1922
Phineas Taylor Barnum, showman, died, 1891
Millions in US left without telephone service by a nationwide strike (23 days), 1947
Jesus crucified (“by many scholars’ reckoning”), 30
“The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle,” starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, released, 1939
First installment finance company (Fidelity Contract Co.), 1904