The Daily News | April 10

Paul McCartney announced departure from the Beatles, 1970
Patent Act approved, 1790
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French philosopher, died, 1955
RMS Titanic set sail, 1912
Austrian Archduke Maximilian became Emperor of Mexico, 1864
Bataan Death March began, 1942
First American circumnavigated the earth (Robert Gray), 1790
ASPCA chartered (New York), 1866
Evelyn Waugh, novelist (“Brideshead Revisited”), died, 1966
Gingham making equipment patented, 1845
Synthetic quinine first produced (Cambridge, Massachusetts), 1944
Safety pin patented (Walter Hunt), 1849
Atomic submarine Thresher went down 220 miles east of Boston, 1963
Catamaran patented (N. Herreshoff), 1877
First professional golf tournament held (Bronxville, New York), 1916
First observation of Arbor Day (Nebraska), 1872
Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald liberated by the US 80th division, 1945
The US Senate passed the Civil Rights Bill, 1960
US table tennis team arrived in China (first US group to penetrate “Bamboo Curtain”), 1971
New York Tribune began publishing (Horace Greeley), 1841