The Daily News | December 2

Aaron Copland, American composer, died, 1990
Desi Arnaz died, 1986
Fidel Castro disclosed he was a communist, 1961
Gerardus Mercator died, 1594
Mars 3 (USSR) made the first softlanding on Mars, 1971
The Marquis de Sade died, 1814
Transatlantic telephone wedding took place (Detroit), 1933
Soyuz 16 (USSR) launched, 1974
US Space Shuttle Atlantis launched on a secret mission, 1988
Monroe Doctrine proclaimed, 1823
Jane Means Appleton Pierce, wife of Franklin Pierce, died, 1863
US acquired American Samoa, 1899
Henry Kissinger named special assistant for national security, 1968
First Model A Ford sold ($395), 1927
First permanent artificial heart transplant (Barney C. Clark), 1982
John Brown, abolitionist, hanged, 1859
Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science church, died, 1910
Napoleon crowned Emperor of France, 1804
Sigmund Romberg’s “The Student Prince” opened on Broadway, 1924
Boeing 747 made its inaugural flight, 1969