The Daily News | December 1

David Ben-Gurion, first Israeli prime minister, died, 1973
Model A introduced, 1927
First nation corn-husking championship (Alleman, Iowa), 1924
Second Crusade began, 1145
Leonard Bernstein’s “Candide” opened on Broadway, 1956
Atlantis (US) launched, 1988
Boys Town founded (Father Edward Flanagan, Omaha, Nebraska), 1917
First phone in White House, 1878
First manual training school opened (Talbot County, Maryland), 1751
Cuban refugees began airlift to Miami, 1965
First drive-in gasoline station opened for business (Pittsburgh), 1913
Central African Republic gained autonomy, 1958
Oliver Wolcott, signer of the US Declaration of Independence, died, 1797
Alvin Ailey, dancer and choreographer, died, 1989
George and Ira Gershwin’s “Lady, Be Good!” opened on Broadway, 1924
First naval officer condemned for mutiny hanged, 1842
Rosa Parks refused to move to back of the bus (Montgomery, Alabama), 1955
Iceland became an independent state from Denmark, 1918
Saint Eligius, patron of veterinarians, locksmiths, cabdrivers, and jockeys, died, 66
LaGuardia Airport (New York) opened to the public, 1939
Continuous moving assembly line introduced by Ford (a car every two hours, 38 minutes), 1913
Italy gave final approval to its first divorce law, 1970