The Daily News | December 3

Montreux Casino burned down during Frank Zappa concert, 1971
Illinois became 21st US state, 1818
Ford employees got a raise ($7 per day up from $6 per day), 1929
Tin cans introduced to the US, 1818
First official US flag raised (aboard naval vessel Alfred), 1775
First neon light display (Paris), 1910
First co-educational college in US (Oberlin College, Ohio), 1833
First steam-powered boat demonstrated, 1787
First successful human heart transplant (led by Dr. Barnard), 1967
Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish author, died, 1894
Poison gas leaked at a Union Carbide pesticide factory in India, 1984
First news of the Whittaker Chambers spy case, 1948
John Bartlett, compiler of Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, died, 1905
Pioneer 10 (US) made the first flyby of Jupiter, 1973
20th Century Limited (from Chicago to New York) made its last run, 1967
“A Streetcar Named Desire” opened on Broadway, 1947
Bernadine Dohrn, leader of “Weather Underground,” surrendered, 1980
Lerner and Loewe’s “Camelot” opened on Broadway, 1960
First abolitionist elected to Congress (Joshua R. Giddings - Ohio), 1838
First annulment of a marriage by court decree (Boston), 1639