The Daily News | November 19

Treaty of Versailles rejected by the US Senate, 1919
Jonestown Massacre, 1978
First model train set sold (Goppinzen, Germany), 1891
Christina Onassis died, 1988
First Arab leader to set foot in Israel (Sadat), 1977
Saint Hilarus became Pope, 461
Richard Mentor Johnson, 9th US vice president, died, 1850
Gettysburg Address delivered, 1863
Magic lantern slides patented (Frederick Langenheim), 1850
Marcel Proust, French novelist, died, 1922
National Women’s Christian Temperance Union organized, 1874
Ford Motor Co. discontinued the Edsel, 1959
Cornerstone for the first US presidential library laid (FDR), 1939
Franz Schubert, Austrian composer, died, 1828
First automatic toll collector (Garden State Parkway, New Jersey), 1954
Texaco ordered to pay Pennzoil $10.5 billion, 1985
US Congress asked to create a program of national health insurance, 1945
Second manned landing on Moon (Apollo 12, US), 1969