The Daily News | November 20

First state ratified the Bill of Rights (New Jersey), 1789
Tolstoy died, 1910
Allan Sherman, songwriter (“Camp Granada”), died, 1973
Pony Express stopped, 1861
Bicycle with a rotary crank patented (Pierre Lallemont), 1866
Nuremburg trials began, 1945
Princess Elizabeth married Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, 1947
DDT banned in residential areas, 1969
President Reagan announced US Marines would go to Lebanon, 1982
Britain declared war on Holland, 1780
John Kander and Fred Ebb’s “Cabaret” opened on Broadway, 1966
Edward I became English Sovereign, 1272
Whaler Essex of Nantucket sunk by sperm whale (eight survived), 1820
Generalissimo Fransisco Franco died, 1975
Apollo Computer Inc. and Domain system introduced to the public, 1980
“Prince Ananias” opened in New York, 1894
First recorded human speech (“Mary Had a Little Lamb,” Edison), 1877
First US municipal airport opened (Tuscon, Arizona), 1919