The Daily News | November 18

Jerome Kern’s “Roberta” opened on Broadway, 1933
Palmer reached Antarctica, 1820
Henry Agard Wallace, 33rd US vice president, died, 1965
Panama Canal treaty signed, 1903
First Mickey Mouse cartoon shown (drawn by Ub Iwerks), 1928
“Ben Hur” premiered (New York), 1959
Female Charitable Society organized (Wiscasset, Maine), 1805
Push button telephone service began, 1963
National Women’s Christian Temperance Union organized, 1874
Amelita Galli-Curci made her US debut, 1916
First airplane loop-the-loop performed (Lincoln Deachey), 1913
William Tell shot apple off son’s head, 1307
Dan Quayle, 44th US vice president, married Marilyn Tucker, 1972
First Hydrogen bomb explosion (Enewetok), 1952
“The Sayings of the Philosophers” was published (England), 1477
Haitians defeated the French at Vertieres, 1803
“The Battle Hymn of the Republic” written (Julia Ward Howe), 1861
Local standard time zones established for US, 1883
Roman Catholic rule against eating meat on Fridays abandoned by US bishops, 1966
Chester Alan Arthur, 21st US president, died, 1886
“The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” by Mark Twain published, 1865
Saint Peter’s Basilica was dedicated (Rome), 1626