The Daily News | November 17

American Theosophical Society founded, 1875
Suez Canal formally opened, 1869
Church of England organized in New England, 1785
Czechoslovak velvet revolution, 1989
US Congress first convened in Washington DC, 1800
Society of Philaticians founded, 1972
46,000 meteoroids fell over Arizona in 20 minutes, 1966
Boston Garden officially opened, 1928
American Newspaper Publisher Association organized, 1886
Denver founded (William Larimer), 1858
Robert Owen, founder of New Harmony, Indiana (Utopia), died, 1858
Auguste Rodin, French sculptor, died, 1917
EPA named 403 chemicals potential public dangers in plant accidents, 1985
Lunokhod I (USSR) landed on the moon, 1970
John Peter Zenger, colonial printer and journalist, arrested for libel, 1734
Elizabeth I became English Sovereign, 1558
Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions, forerunner of AFL, organized, 1881
SALT talks began in Helsinki, Finland, 1969