The Daily News | November 16

Bill Russel set NBA record with 49 rebounds, 1957
Noah’s flood ended, -2348
William Becknell proved Santa Fe Trail faster, 1821
Skylab 4 (US) launched, 1973
Venera 3 (USSR), first Venus impact, launched, 1965
William Clark Gable, actor, died, 1960
US established diplomatic relations with Russia, 1933
Oklahoma became the 46th US state, 1907
National Football League players ended a 57 day strike, 1982
Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolutions, 1798
First major newspaper syndicate formed (Samuel S. McClure), 1884
Toledo, Ohio newspaper strike began, 1963
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “The Sound of Music” opened on Broadway, 1959
Louis Riel, Canadian patriot, hanged, 1885
Space shuttle Discovery returned to Earth with the first two satellites ever plucked from space, 1984
Cork life preserver patented (N.E. Guerin), 1841