The Daily News | October 17

“Hair” opened (Public Theater, New York), 1967
George Liberace, violinist, died, 1983
Last ship sunk by a U-boat in WWI (SS Lucia), 1918
Tennessee Ernie Ford, singer, died, 1991
Thomas Carlyle, essayist, married Jane Welsh, 1827
Ritchie and Thompson’s Unix paper, 1973
Albert Einstein, German physicist, arrived in US, 1933
Bessemer steelmaking process patented, 1855
Al Capone, mobster, convicted of income tax evasion, 1931
La Leche League International founded, 1956
British surrendered to Americans at Saratoga New York, 1777
Juan Peron became dictator of Argentina, 1945
San Francisco Bay area earthquake (World Series postponed), 1989
Mother Teresa awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, 1979
John Reed, writer (“Ten Days That Shook the World”), died, 1920
Sir Philip Sidney, writer and soldier, died, 1586
US destroyer Kearney was torpedoed by a German submarine off Iceland, 1941
The Radio Corporation of America was created, 1919