The Daily News | October 16

Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla elected Pope John Paul II, 1978
Yale College founded, 1701
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization founded, 1945
Marie Antoinette executed, 1793
Ulysses S. Grant put in charge of the Mississippi region, 1863
William Holden, actor, died, 1981
First black general in US Army (Benjamin Oliver Davis Sr), 1940
Art Blakey, jazz great, died, 1990
Desmond Tutu, black Anglican Bishop, won the Nobel Peace Prize, 1984
Nuremberg war criminals hanged, 1946
General George Catlett Marshall, author of the “Marshall Plan,” died, 1959
First Ann Landers column in print, 1955
First birth control clinic opened (Brooklyn, New York by Margaret Sanger), 1916
China set off its first atomic bomb, 1964
“Good Morning to All” (precursor to “Happy Birthday”) copyrighted, 1893
Tojo Hideki became prime minister of Japan, 1941
John Brown and Company seized the US arsenal at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, 1859
Earliest known surviving US photo was taken, 1839
Jet-pump powerboat jumped across the Crawdad Bridge (stunt for “Live and Let Die”), 1972
US banned all shipments of scrap iron to Japan, 1940
Fred Snodgrass committed the “$30,000 muff,” helping the Red Sox win the World Series, 1912
First psychiatric association formed (Philadelphia), 1844