The Daily News | October 18

Spain relinquished control of Puerto Rico to US, 1898
The XYZ affair, 1797
US Congress passed the Water Pollution Control Act, 1972
Thomas Alva Edison, inventor, died, 1931
First commercial long-distance telephone line opened, 1892
Soviet troops invaded Czechoslovakia, 1944
First US labor organization formed (Boston Shoemakers), 1648
Eleanor Ford, wife of Edsel Ford, died, 1976
Connie Mack retired after 50 years of managing the A’s, 1950
Intercollegiate football rules drawn up, 1873
Reggie Jackson hit three homeruns in one World Series game, 1977
Alaska transferred from Russia to the US, 1867
US vice president George Bush completed a six day China visit, 1985
German war crimes trial started (Berlin), 1945
Soviets announced their probe took photos of the Moon’s far side, 1959
Lucy Stone, pioneer social reformer, died, 1893
Bess (Elizabeth) Virginia Wallace Truman, widow of Harry Truman, died, 1982
Walter Kelly, “Pogo” cartoonist, died, 1973