The Daily News | August 12

Ian Lancaster Fleming, creator of James Bond, died, 1964
Thomas Mann died, 1955
Isaac Singer granted a patent for his sewing machine, 1851
Henry Jaynes Fonda, actor, died, 1982
George Stephenson, developer of steam locomotive, died, 1848
William Blake, English poet, died, 1827
James Russell Lowell, US essayist, poet, and diplomat, died, 1891
Last US ground troops out of Vietnam, 1972
President Johnson suspended Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, 1867
IBM unveiled the IBM Personal Computer, 1981
Echo I (US), first successful communications balloon, launched, 1960
First police in America (New Amsterdam), 1658
Japan Airlines Boeing 747 crashed in central Japan (520 killed), 1985
Nicolo Amati, Italian violin maker, died, 1684
First successful flight of spacecraft on its own in Earth’s atmosphere, 1977
The XXIII Olympic Games in Los Angeles ended, 1984
King Philip’s War (American Indians vs. white settlers in New England) ended, 1676
Hostilities ended in the Spanish-American War, 1898
Babe Ruth played his last American League game (double header Red Sox vs. Yankees), 1934
Bill signed raising minimum wage from $.75 to $1, 1955