The Daily News | August 11

Eugenio Maria de Hostos, Puerto Rican patriot, died, 1903
PDP-5 unveiled (WESCON), 1963
Union Carbide toxic gas leak (Institute, West Virginia), 1985
Barbados hurricane began, 1780
Frederick Douglass, runaway slave, first spoke in public, 1841
Vostok 3 (USSR) launched, 1962
SOS distress signal first used by an American ship (Arapahoe), 1909
Andrew Carnegie, industrialist, died, 1919
The Kingston Trio was mystery guest on “What’s My Line?”, 1963
Edith Wharton, American author, died, 1937
John Lindsay, New York mayor, switched to the Democratic party, 1971
President Reagan’s voice-test-joke, 1984
Ground was broken for the construction of the Superdome (New Orleans), 1971
France ended seven year war in Indochina, 1954
Riots began in the Watts section of Los Angeles (34 killed, 856 injured), 1965
David Berkowitz (“Son of Sam”) arrested, 1977
Caroline Carmichael McIntosh Fillmore, second wife of Millard Fillmore, died, 1881
Canadian postal strike ended after six weeks, 1980