The Daily News | August 1

US Army Air Force founded (now the USAF), 1907
MTV debuted, 1981
First US customs officers began collecting, 1789
Concert for Bangladesh, 1971
Martha (Calamity Jane) Burk, frontierswoman, died, 1903
Guam became a US territory, 1950
NRA (National Recovery Administration) established, 1933
Swiss Confederation founded, 1291
First US census taken (3,929,214 people in 17 states), 1790
Slavery abolished in Jamaica, 1838
First black named to a US Davis Cup team (Arthur Ashe), 1963
Colorado became 38th US state, 1876
Cable car designed for San Francisco successfully tested, 1873
Germany declared war on Russia, 1914
First US cross-country trip completed (Packard - 52 days), 1903
George I became English Sovereign, 1714
Proof sheets of the Constitution of the United States printed, 1787
Utah Territory allowed women to vote, 1870
Charles Joeseph Whitman shot after killing 15 people at University of Texas, 1966
Atomic Energy Commission established, 1946