The Daily News | July 31

“The Living Daylights” released in the US, 1987
Oxygen discovered, 1774
Ulysses Grant appointed a general of volunteers in Union Army, 1861
Ranger 7 (US) landed on the moon, 1964
First Jew to die in the American revolution (Francis Salvador), 1776
Jim Reeves, country music star, died, 1964
Chrysler announced it lost $536.1 million from April to June, 1980, 1980
Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer, died, 1886
Muwenda Mutebi II invested as the new kabaka for Baganda in Uganda, 1993
First helicopters crossed the Atlantic, 1952
Cornerstone laid for the US Mint in Philadelphia (David Rittenhouse), 1792
Andrew Johnson, 17th US president, died, 1875
First US patent (Samuel Hopkins of Vermont for a potash manufacturing process), 1790
Baseball strike ended after seven weeks, 1981
First black to head a predominantly white university (Patrick Francis Healy, Georgetown University), 1874
Trinidad discovered (Christopher Columbus), 1498