The Daily News | June 8

USS Liberty attacked by Israel (34 killed, 171 wounded), 1967
First X-15 flight, 1957
First public award to a woman in America (Hannah Duston), 1697
Satchel Paige died, 1982
Tennessee seceded from the Union to join the Confederacy, 1861
Laki Volcano erupted, 1783
First automatic food vending restaurant opened (Philadelphia), 1902
US Bill of Rights proposed, 1789
George Wythe, signer of the US Declaration of Independence, died, 1806
First US-to-Australia flight, 1928
Commercially made ice cream first advertised (Mr. Hall, New York), 1786
Andrew Jackson, 7th US president, died, 1845
Thomas Paine, American Revolutionary leader and corset-maker, died, 1809
Boston Red Sox beat St. Louis Browns 29-4, 1950
George Leigh Mallory, English explorer, last seen climbing Mount Everest, 1924
Venera 9 (USSR), first to orbit Venus, launched, 1975
George Sand (Amandine Aurore Lucile (Dupin) Dudevant), French novelist, died, 1876
Vacuum cleaner patented (Ives W. McGaffey, Chicago), 1869