The Daily News | June 7

Daniel Boone reportedly first sighted Kentucky, 1767
Alan M. Turing died, 1954
US Carrier “Yorktown” sank at Midway Island, 1942
BSD Unix 4.3 released, 1986
Henry Valentine Miller, American novelist, died, 1980
Batman’s parents killed, 1924
Ferdinand Demara, “The Great Imposter”, died, 1982
William Dwight Whitney died, 1894
Edwin (Thomas) Booth, actor and brother of John Wilkes, died, 1893
Rhode Island ratified the Bill of Rights, 1790
New York Times agreed to capitalize the “n” in “Negro”, 1930
Edward Morgan Forster, English novelist, died, 1970
Japanese troops occupied Attu and Kiska in the Aleutian Islands, 1942
First solar-cell power plant dedicated (Utah), 1980