The Daily News | February 8

First execution by gas in US (Gee Jon, Nevada), 1924
Enforcement Act repealed, 1894
Mary Stuart, queen regent of Scotland, beheaded, 1587
Russo-Japanese War began, 1904
Samuel Butler, satirical poet (“Hudibras”), baptised, 1612
College of William and Mary founded, 1693
Brasilsat-1, Brazilian communications satellite, launched, 1985
Peter the Great, Russian Czar, died, 1725
Every tenth person shot in two Polish villages near Warsaw, 1940
Boxing declared illegal in Missouri, 1865
Boy Scouts of America chartered (William D. Boyce, Chicago), 1910
Banjo clock patented (Simon Willard), 1802
Richard Stockton, signer of US Declaration of Independence, died, 1781
“The Birth of a Nation” premiered, 1915
Arabsat-1, League of Arab States communications satellite, launched, 1985
Winter Olympic games (Sarajevo) began, 1984
First visit by the Boston Visiting Nurse Association (Amelia Hodgkiss), 1886
“Stars and Stripes” first published, 1918
Three Skylab astronauts returned to earth after an 84-day orbital flight, 1974
Charles Curtis, 21st US vice president, died, 1936
Dawes Act passed (Indians living apart from the tribe granted citizenship), 1887
Silvio Conte, Massachusetts Congressman, died, 1991
First opera produced in the Colonies performed (Charleston, South Carolina), 1735
Max Yasgur, New York state dairy farmer, died, 1973