The Daily News | February 24

US and UN ground offensive began against Iraq, 1991
Marbury vs. Madison, 1803
Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat, died, 1815
US Olympic hockey win, 1980
Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda discovered WWII was over, 1974
Dinah Shore, singer, died, 1994
Dr. Thomas Bowdler, self-appointed censor, died, 1825
Douglas William Johnson died, 1944
Pope Gregory XIII corrected the Julian calendar, 1582
Dow Jones Industrial average at 1,100, 1983
Henri Landru, “Bluebeard”, executed (France), 1922
Tony Conigliaro, baseball player, died, 1990
Malcolm Forbes, capitalist and magazine owner, died, 1990
John Adams appointed minister to England, 1785
Cole Porter’s “Silk Stockings” opened on Broadway, 1955
Juan Peron elected president of Argentina, 1946
First nylon bristle filament production for toothbrushes, 1938
US troops liberated Manila from the Japanese, 1945
House of Representatives voted to impeach Andrew Johnson, 1867
First broadcast made of The Voice of America, 1942