The Daily News | February 15

Submarine jet propulsion device patented (Fritz Zwicky), 1949
ENIAC demonstrated, 1946
15,007,034th VW Beetle (new world production record) built, 1972
Saint Louis founded, 1764
Leon Spinks became heavyweight champion (beat Muhammad Ali), 1978
Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, 1989
New Jersey became the last Northern state to abolish slavery, 1804
US battleship Maine exploded (Havana harbor), 1898
Ocean Ranger (oil-drilling rig) sank off Newfoundland (84 killed), 1982
Chicago Seven convicted of contempt of court, 1970
William Ellery, signer of the US Declaration of Independence, died, 1820
Richard P. Feynman, physicist and author, died, 1988
Female attorneys allowed to argue cases before the US Supreme Court, 1879
Melville Elijah Stone, American journalist, died, 1929
Dick Clark took over as host of “The Saturday Night Beechnut Show”, 1958
First adhesive postage stamps introduced (New York), 1842
First US statue to women, by a woman dedicated (Suffrage Monument, Washington, DC), 1921
Ethel Merman (Ethel Agnes Zimmermann), singer, died, 1984
Giuseppe (Joe) Zangara tried to assassinate Franklin Roosevelt (killed Anton J. Chermak instead), 1933
Minnie Maddern Fiske, American theater actress, died, 1932