The Daily News | February 14

Vito Genovese, New York organized crime leader, died, 1969
Bombing of Dresden, 1945
Syncom 1 (US) (first geosynchronous satellite) launched, 1963
Luna 20 (USSR) launched, 1972
First president in office to have his photo taken (Polk), 1849
St. Valentine killed (Rome), 269
First “micro on a chip” patented (Texas Instruments), 1978
Oregon became the 33rd US state, 1859
Jacqueline Kennedy conducted a TV tour of the White House, 1962
Arizona became the 48th US state, 1912
Frederick Loewe, broadway composer (“My Fair Lady”), died, 1988
Lake Tahoe spotted (John C. Fremont), 1844
Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, English author and humorist, died, 1975
Solar Maximum Mission Observatory (US), 1980
First trainload of oranges left Los Angeles for eastern markets, 1886
Sherman destroyed Meridian, Mississippi, 1864
Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey’s “Grease” opened on Broadway, 1972
Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre (Chicago), 1929
“The Importance of Being Ernest,” by Oscar Wilde, premiered, 1895
Patents for telephone filed (Bell and Gray), 1876
Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini called on Muslims to kill Salmon Rushdie, 1989
US Department of Commerce and Labor created, 1903
Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt, first wife of Theodore Roosevelt, died, 1884
The League of Women Voters was founded (Chicago), 1920
Eight day bank holiday declared in Michigan to avert financial panic, 1933
William Tecumseh Sherman, Civil War General, died, 1891
Carrie White, world’s oldest person (according to Guinness, 117), died, 1991
James Cook, English sea captain and explorer, died, 1779
Skeezix Wallet, comic strip character (“Gasoline Alley”), found on doorstep, 1921
Benvenuto Cellini, sculptor and autobiographer, died, 1571