The Daily News | January 8

11th amendment added to the US Constitution, 1798
Terry-Thomas died, 1990
Lyndon Johnson declared war against poverty, 1964
Battle of New Orleans, 1815
Woodrow Wilson presented his 14 Points speech, 1918
AT&T lost antitrust case, 1982
Herman Hollerith patented first data processing computer, 1889
Chou En-Lai, Chinese Premier, died, 1976
First woman Governor without succeeding husband (Ella Grasso), 1975
Justice Department dropped IBM suit, 1982
Arcangelo Corelli, Italian composer and virtuoso violinist, died, 1713
Trial of the “Watergate 7” began, 1973
Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement, died, 1941
Blacks allowed to vote in Washington DC, 1867
Harvey Haddix, threw 12-innings of perfect baseball (and lost), died, 1994
Luna 21, Russian space vehicle, launched, 1973