The Daily News | September 28

First around the world flight completed (175 days), 1924
Battle of Salamis, -480
Flogging in US Navy and on merchant vessels abolished, 1850
Battle of Marathon, -490
Alouette (Canada), first Canadian satellite, launched, 1962
Indonesia joined UN, 1950
Louis Pasteur, French chemist and bacteriologist, died, 1895
Divorce legalized in Maryland, 1701
Emile Edouard Charles Antoine Zola, French novelist, died, 1902
Miles Davis, jazz trumpeter, died, 1991
Muhammad Ali beat Ken Norton to remain heavyweight champion, 1976
“Pilgrim’s Progress” published, 1678
Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani), 263rd Catholic Pope, died, 1978
Edwin Powell Hubble, astronomer, died, 1953
Ted Williams ended the baseball season with .406 batting average, 1941
First World Series color TV broadcast, 1955
Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, exiled former Philippine president, died, 1989
William the Conqueror invaded England, 1066
554 passing yards in a 1 game (Norm Van Brocklin, Rams vs. New York Yanks), 1951
Wystan Hugh Auden, US poet and author, died, 1973
Grand jury indicted eight White Sox players for “throwing” 1919 World Series, 1920
Joao Rodrigues Cabrillo discovered California, 1542
US Congress voted to send the Constitution to the state legislatures for approval, 1787
Herman Melville, author (“Moby Dick”), died, 1891