The Daily News | August 15

US rationing of gasoline and fuel oil ended, 1945
Jesuits founded, 1534
Taliesen (Frank Lloyd Wright’s home) burned, 1914
Wiley Post, pilot, died, 1935
California’s first newspaper began publication, 1846
Appalachian Trail finished, 1937
Macbeth, King of Scotland killed by King Duncan’s son, 1057
Will Rogers, humorist, died, 1935
Electric spinning reel for fishing introduced (Chicago), 1967
Panama Canal officially opened, 1914
F.W. de Klerk sworn in as acting president of South Africa, 1989
Clifford Odetts, playwright, died, 1963
The Woodstock Music Festival began (Max Yasgur’s Dairy Farm), 1969
50,000 acre fire (Northern Idaho), 1967
“The Wizard of Oz” premiered (Grauman’s Chinese Theater), 1939
Korea freed from Japanese domination, 1945
Gandhi’s movement obtained independence for Pakistan and India, 1947
US and Russia severed diplomatic ties, 1918
First US Roman Catholic bishop consecrated (Father John Carroll), 1790
Proclamation of the Republic of Korea, 1948
90 day wage-price-rent freeze and 10% surcharge on foreign imports announced, 1971
Transcontinental Railway actually completed, 1870