The Daily News | July 4

First day of shooting of “You Only Live Twice”, 1966
Battle of Vicksburg, 1863
“Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman went on sale, 1855
Viking landed on Mars, 1976
Erie Canal, first US man-made major waterway, started, 1817
Great Seal of the US adopted, 1776
Construction began on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, 1828
Lou Gehrig Day (Yankee Stadium), 1939
Melville Weston Fuller, eighth US chief justice, died, 1910
John Adams, second US president, died, 1826
“America” (the song) first introduced (S.F. Smith), 1831
James Monroe, fifth US president, died, 1831
Israeli commandos freed 103 hostages at Entebbe airport, 1976
First tariff bill enacted by US Congress, 1789
N. Stewart made a record 124 parachute jumps in one day, 1952
“America the Beautiful” first printed, 1895
Samuel Richardson, English novelist (“Pamela”), died, 1761
Thomas Jefferson, third US president, died, 1826
Dodgson first told of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, 1862
Statue of Liberty presented to US in Paris, 1884
Marie Sklodowska Curie, Polish chemist and physicist, died, 1934
Cornerstone laid for the Washington Monument, 1848
Brightest known super-nova started shining for 23 days (Crab Nebula), 1054
Wyoming Valley (Pennsylvania) massacre ended, 1778
Francois Rene de Chateaubriand, French novelist and politician, died, 1848
Hannibal Hamlin, 15th US vice president, died, 1891
First US government training field for aviators opened (Rantoul, Illinois), 1917
First underwater torpedo tested (Samuel Colt), 1842
US Declaration of Independence signed (by John Hancock and Charles Thomson), 1776
Thoreau began his two year stay at Walden Pond, 1845
Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church leader, released from prison after serving 13 months for tax evasion, 1985
Delta Airlines conducted its first airmail flight, 1934