The Daily News | July 14

First woman climbed the Matterhorn (Vaucher), 1965
Tape measure patented, 1868
Nazis suppressed all other political parties, 1933
Popeye’s first movie, 1933
Plans for the Bibliotheque de France announced, 1988
Birmingham (England) Riot, 1791
First controlled flyby of Mars (Mariner 4, US), 1965
Gold discovered (Helena, Montana), 1864
Raymond Loewy, “father of streamlining,” died, 1986
Moxie (the soft drink) introduced, 1885
French peasants stormed the Bastille prison in Paris, 1789
Mission San Antonio de Padua founded, 1771
First patent for liquid-fueled rocket design granted (Dr. R Goddard), 1914
Sacco and Vanzetti murder trial ended, 1921
George Ross, lawyer and signer of US Declaration of Independence, died, 1779
“License to Kill” debuted in the US, 1989
William H. “Billy the Kid” Bonney Jr, outlaw, killed (Pat Garrett), 1881
Adlai Ewing Stevenson, US statesman, died, 1965
US Civil War veterans wounded in service granted $50 per month pension, 1892
First no hitter at Fenway Park (Mel Parnell), 1956