The Daily News | June 19

Samuel Chase, American Revolutionary leader, died, 1811
Ariane (ESA) launched, 1981
Melodeon patented (C. Austin, Concord, New Hampshire), 1849
Lizzie Bordon acquitted, 1893
Nathaniel Greene, American Revolutionary War General, died, 1786
First Father’s Day celebration, 1910
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed (Sing-Sing prison), 1953
Etienne Geoffroy St. Hilaire died, 1844
First US male saint canonized (Saint John Nepomucene Neumann), 1977
Emancipation of the slaves in Texas, 1865
First recorded flight of an airplane in New Hampshire (Harry Atwood), 1911
Leonid Brezhnev declared the Cold War over, 1973
Rules for computing Easter’s date settled (general council of Nicaea), 325
US Federal Communications Commission created, 1934
US Supreme Court ruled sexual harassment of employees violates federal law, 1986
Two Russian space missions returned to Earth, 1963
US Supreme Court ruled schools no longer required to teach “creationist theory”, 1987
First topless bathing suit worn (Carol Doda), 1964
First team baseball played (New York Nine 23, New York Knickerbockers 1 - Hoboken, New Jersey), 1846
Charles Cunningham Boycott, estate agent, died, 1897