The Daily News | May 31

Johnstown, Pennsylvania flooded (2,295 killed), 1889
The Boer War ended, 1902
Jack Dempsey, heavyweight boxing champion, died, 1983
Bobby Jones won British Amateur, 1930
First state plain language law enacted (New York), 1978
US national copyright law passed, 1790
Samuel Pepys made the last entry in his “Diary”, 1669
Adelle Davis, nutritionist, died, 1974
First recorded bicycle race (won by Dr. James Moore), 1868
Union of South Africa established, 1910
Elizabeth Blackwell, first woman medical doctor, died, 1910
Franz Joseph Haydn, composer, died, 1809
Joseph Grimaldi, “greatest clown in history,” died, 1837
Republic of South Africa established, 1961
Military exemptions for conscientious objectors offered, 1918
Adolf Eichmann hanged for war crimes, 1962
Patent for “flaked cereal” applied for (Dr. John Harvey Kellogg), 1884
Pennsylvania forbade performance of plays, 1759
17th Amendment to US Constitution (popular election of Senators) became law, 1913
Maine made part of Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1652
Seven federally insured banks in Arkansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Oregon closed by FDIC, 1985
Battle of Seven Pines (Fair Oaks, Virginia), 1862