The Daily News | May 28

Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII) died, 1972
Indian Removal Act signed, 1830
John Adams was empowered to recruit a volunteer army, 1798
Sugar rationing began in US, 1942
Edward Bellamy, US author (“Looking Backward”), died, 1898
Evacuation of Dunkerque began, 1940
Abel and Baker, chimps, were launched from Cape Canaveral, 1959
Saint Bernard of Montjoux died, 1081
Greece became the 10th member of the European Common Market, 1979
20 drowned in cloudburst in Del Rio, Texas, 1880
First state pure food and drug legislation enacted (New York), 1881
Noah Webster, US teacher and journalist, died, 1843
First meeting of COBOL definition committee (eventually CODASYL), 1959
Anne Bronte, novelist (“Agnes Grey”), died, 1849
First sermon in a Jewish service in US (Rabbi Chaim Isaac Carigal), 1773
Mars 3 (USSR), first Mars softlanding, launched, 1971
Paris Commune was defeated after what is now known as “Bloody Week”, 1871
John Munroe Longyear, American capitalist, died, 1922