The Daily News | April 17

Dikes at Dort, Holland broke, drowning 100,000 people, 1421
Dow Jones broke 3,000, 1991
Sir Thomas More, English statesman and writer, imprisoned, 1534
Surveyor 3 (US) launched, 1967
Mike Schmidt hit four consecutive home runs (vs. Chicago), 1976
Zimbabwe won independence, 1980
Benjamin Franklin, US statesman, scientist, and author, died, 1790
“Bay of Pigs” invasion, 1961
The “new” Fenway opened (Washington Senators 6 Red Sox 5), 1934
Eastern Samoa became American Samoa, 1900
Queen Elizabeth gave Canada complete independence from Britain, 1982
Samuel Smiles, Scottish writer, died, 1904
First Civilian Conservation Corps camp opened (Luray, Virginia), 1933
Ford Mustang formally introduced ($2368 base), 1964
Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church, 1521
New York harbor discovered (Giovanni Verrazano), 1524
Sirhan Sirhan found guilty of the murder of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, 1969
Peace began between Netherlands and Scilly Isles, 1986
First woman to complete a solo flight around the world (Jerrie Mock, Columbus, Ohio), 1964
Alexander Mackenzie, Canadian Prime Minister, died, 1892
Ron Ziegler told newsmen that all previous White House statements on Watergate were to be considered “inoperative”, 1973
Polish labor union Solidarity granted legal status, 1989