The Daily News | April 15

First American school for the deaf opened (Hartford), 1817
RMS Titanic sank, 1912
Greta Garbo (Greta Lovisa Gustaffson), actress, died, 1990
San Francisco incorporated, 1850
Jean Genet, French dramatist, novelist, and poet, died, 1986
First contested election in US, 1789
Sheffield, England soccer stadium disaster (95 killed), 1989
Jacques Futrelle, writer, died, 1912
Marvin Hamlisch’s “A Chorus Line” opened on Broadway, 1975
Jane Delano, US nurse and teacher, died, 1919
Emma Hart Willard, pioneer in higher education for women, died, 1870
Abraham Lincoln, 16th US president, died, 1865
New York’s worst mass murder (three women and seven children), 1984
Jean-Paul Sartre, philosopher and author, died, 1980
First bank credit card issued (Franklin National Bank of New York), 1952
Matthew Arnold, English poet and essayist, died, 1888
Samuel Johnson’s “A Dictionary of the English Language” published, 1755
Marie Grosholtz Tussaud, wax figure creator, died, 1850
Abraham Lincoln sent US Congress a message recognizing war with the South, 1861
Jackie Robinson’s first major league baseball game, 1947