The Daily News | April 13

Steam power brake patented (George Westinghouse), 1869
Jackson’s toast to Union, 1830
16 pound 6 ounce baby born (Tom’s River, New Jersey), 1983
Stephen Stucker, actor, died, 1986
First elephant arrived in America (Jacob Crowninshield), 1796
World population exceeded 5 billion, 1987
First US president to have his photo taken (John Quincy Adams), 1843
First major league baseball strike ended, 1972
First professional runner to break the four minute mile (Jim Ryun), 1973
Ian Smith became prime minister of Rhodesia, 1964
First black man won an Oscar as best actor (Sidney Poitier-“Lilies of the Field”), 1964
Annie Jump Cannon, American astronomer, died, 1941
Australian Christopher Wilder (FBI’s “most wanted man”) accidentally killed himself, 1984
“Silent Spring,” by Rachel Carson, released, 1962