The Daily News | March 12

Levi started selling bell-bottom style jeans, 1969
Pope Pius XII crowned, 1939
Ivar Kreuger, Swedish Match King, shot himself, 1932
Soyuz T-4 (USSR) launched, 1981
Swan Anderson, inventor of The Eskimo Pie, died, 1963
“Truman Doctrine” outlined, 1947
Sun Yat-Sen, leader of China’s 1911 revolution, died, 1925
Eugene Ormandy, conductor, died, 1985
President Roosevelt gave his First “fireside chat”, 1933
Coca Cola first sold in bottles, 1894
Mahatma Gandhi began his campaign of civil disobedience, 1930
Parents without Partners founded, 1957
First German-born became a US cabinet member (Carl Schurz), 1877
Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman, 1969
Blizzard of ’88 began (40” snow (New York) - 400 killed), 1888
George Westinghouse, US inventor, died, 1914
First US department store opened (Wanamaker’s, Philadelphia), 1877
Charlie Parker, jazz saxophonist, died, 1955
First Girl Scout troop formed (Savannah, Georgia by Juliette Gordon Low), 1912
Mauritius attained independent nationhood, 1968