The Daily News | February 26

“The Communist Manifesto,” by Karl Marx, published, 1848
German Luftwaffe began operations, 1935
First long-distance phone conversation via underground cable, 1914
Grand Canyon National Park established, 1919
Terrorist bombing underneath the World Trade Center (New York), 1993
Jean Yawkey, Boston Red Sox owner, died, 1992
Construction authorized for Walnut Street jail (Philadelphia) (first solitary), 1773
Napoleon started his 100 day re-conquest of France, 1815
Robert R, Livingston, administered the oath of office to George Washington, died, 1813
First US Poet Lauriate selected (Robert Penn Warren), 1986
Farmers and South Dakota Legislature converged on Washington to demand economic relief for farmers, 1985
Last total solar eclipse in Continental US until 2017, 1979