The Daily News | February 21

Dr. Harvey Cushing undertook his first brain operation, 1902
Washington Monument dedicated, 1885
Mary Edwards Walker, first female US Army surgeon, died, 1919
New Yorker Magazine first published, 1925
Cesar Augusto Sandino, Nicaraguan guerrilla leader, killed, 1934
2.5 mile wide ice floe off Nantucket, 1961
Jimmy Swaggart confessed he was guilty of an unspecified sin, 1988
Baruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher, died, 1677
Malcolm X (Malcolm Little), Black Muslim leader, assassinated, 1965
Polaroid instant camera first demonstrated, 1947
Worst floods in Northern California history (21,000 evacuated), 1986
Battle of Verdun began (1 million casualties), 1916
John Mitchell, H.R. Haldeman, and John Ehrlichman sentenced to prison, 1975
Camera exposure meter invented (W.N. Goodwin Jr), 1931
First newspaper in an Indian language publication (“Cherokee Phoenix”), 1828
Margot Fonteyn (Margaret Hookman), ballerina, died, 1991
First telephone directory published (New Haven Telephone Co., 50 subscribers), 1878
First woman graduated from dental school (Lucy Hobbs), 1866