The Daily News | February 19

The DeLorean Motor Co. went into receivership, 1982
Adolfo Celi, actor, died, 1986
Bell Jet Pack stunt (“Thunderball”) performed, 1965
Knights of Pythias founded, 1864
The Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia ended, 1984
US Marines landed on Iwo Jima, 1945
First Bollingen Prize of poetry awarded (Ezra Pound), 1949
MIR space station (USSR) launched, 1986
Seeberg Observatory, Gotha, Germany destroyed by fire, 1901
Tintype camera patented (H.L. Smith), 1856
“The Feminine Mystique” (by Betty Friedan) published, 1963
Kansas enacted alcohol prohibition law, 1881
Andre Gide, French novelist (“The Counterfeiters”), died, 1951
Thomas Edison patented first gramophone, 1878
Elizabeth Julesberg, author of “Dick and Jane” books, died, 1985
Detention of Japanese-Americans legalized, 1942
Charles Blondin, first to walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope, died, 1897
“Wah Mee Massacre” (Seattle, Washington), 1983